Board Room Solutions

Pentagon Automation Concept gives everything from lighting to temperature to your home security Solution can now be remotely operated from a wireless device. This means that you are able to maintain control over your home whether you are running errands locally or whether you are relaxing far away while enjoying a family vacation.

Lights needed to be turned on and off at certain times in order to give the illusion of someone being home. Often, homeowners would even have to pay a bit extra on utility bills due to leaving a radio or a television on during the entire time they were away in an effort to avoid being burglarized. With home automation, however, these actions are no longer necessary. Homeowners are not only able to check in on a home using remote wireless surveillance, but lights and other electronic appliances can be turned on and off automatically, too.

Video Door Phones

Pentagon offers sleek and stylish video door phones which add aesthetics to your home in addition to keeping you safe. It has a high-resolution outdoor camera that gives excellent picture quality and infrared LED which enables you to see visitors at your doorstep even at night. What’s more, the Video Door Phone can also be paired with your door lock enabling you to unlock the door for your visitor at just the click of a button! Be it wind or rains, robbers or petty thieves, the vandal resistant and weather proof outdoor unit ensures protection under any circumstance. Be it at your home or anywhere else, convenience will never be away from you. Our Video Door Phone will make sure that no visitor at your door ever goes unanswered. Neither does trouble go undetected; thanks to the detection feature that captures even the minute movements. All this without attending the door or even get up from the comfort of your sofa. So open your door to convenience and stay safe and comfortable, always.

Depending on the screen size and applications Video Door Phone can be categorized into various categories
1.Analog Multi Apartment Video Door Phones.
2.IP Multi Apartment Video Door Phones.
3.Standalone Video Door Phones. Read More

Home Automation

Today's intelligent home and building automation solutions offer new levels of comfort, security, and efficiency. To develop the sophisticated solutions that meet the needs that consumers demand, designers need standards-based, flexible technology that can provide: Innovative touch control to enable a variety of home devices, including remote controls, control panels, or thermostats Power efficiency to meet the needs of today's green applications. Smart phones, Tablets and computers have become common place in home and office. With these gadgets everywhere Home Automation solutions can be integrated smoothly through its unique and innovative wireless and wired network system to make your daily chores automated and address them from anywhere in the planet. This solution do complicated tasks in an intelligent and hassle free manner. Home Automation is set to change the way you live. One can control Climate, Lighting, Fans, Curtains, Water heaters, Air conditioners or any other appliances. Handling visitors, shedding the worries of gas leakages or intruders while away from home. Now we can leave the home unattended so no longer a concern making the life more comfortable, secured and enjoyable.

Sensors and Devices

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector : Ideally suitable for applications where additional safety is required. The detector is positioned in such a way that gas leakage is detected as soon as possible.

LPG / PNG Gas Detector : Safety of commercial & industrial kitchens is of prime importance. Commercial Grade Gas Leak Detectors can detect LPG or PNG and warn before the gas density in air reaches unwanted levels.

GAS Valve : The electro-valve is emergency device used to cut off the gas pipeline. It can be connected with the gas leakage alarm system or fire protection and other intelligent terminals connecting module to implement automatically /manually cutting off the power urgently on spot or remoteness, assuring the safety of using gas.

Alcohol Breath Analyzer : Alcohol Breath analyzer- Nose model should be only used to give an indication of the possible presence of alcohol in the breath or blood. In this model we have used advanced hot wire alcohol sensor, which gives quick response.

Digital Door Locks and Safes

Pentagon Automation Concept offers integrated & standalone Digital Door Locks for unmanned control of doors. Access Control System consists of card readers, door locks, cards & controller. A variety of card reader technologies are supported which provide the flexibility to tailor the system to users security needs. Card reader technologies include Magnetic Strip, Weygand, proximity & Biometric (like finger scan, face recognition & hand geometry etc.

Access control is a system which enables you to control authority of who has access to certain areas to your building. The access control system will automatically lock all the doors controlled by the system, once the system has been installed. Only people with a PIN or token will be able to enter through controlled doors within the access control system.

There are two main types of access control systems, which have different features and benefits suited for different organizations.

Digital Door locks

Digital door locks provide a low cost, easy to install security solution for buildings that require a reliable means of access control but where the allocation of keys or cards is unpractical due to the volume of people entering and exiting the building.
Because of the variety of models available, digital door locks can offer an effective access control solution for anything from heavy duty applications such as airports to low security requirements such as office stationary cupboards.
Pentagon Automation Concept offers integrated & standalone Digital Door Locks for unmanned control of doors. There are a variety of digital door lock models to choose from depending on the level of security required and your local MLA licensed locksmith will be able to advice on the most suitable product for a specific application. DDL can be categorized according to mode of access as
1. Biometric
2. RF Card
3. Pin Code
4. Mechanical Key
5. Remote Control
We offer digital door locks with multiple modes of operations simultaneously.

Digital Safes

Access your valuables within a few seconds:
Digital safes use a keypad and PIN making it a matter of pressing the correct sequence of buttons to access your valuables. It literally takes seconds.
Even greater security:
Made from the latest materials, digital safes normally come with reinforced hinges, bolts, wall and door to provide extra protection against physical attack. Many include an alarm that activates when an incorrect password has been used too many times or when the lock is attacked, such as the hinges being hammered. Unlike mechanical safes, that generally have a four to 10 digit combination, digital safe combinations can be as complex as your memory can handle – there are up to 1 million variations.
Preserve your valuables against heat and humidity:
Digital safes are often designed to withstand up to an hour of intense fire. They are also water and vermin proof eliminating damage from humidity, dust and bugs. This combination makes digital safes ideal for protecting sensitive digital data, for instance external hard-drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs and tapes, and paper documents from passports and deeds, letters and photos, to business records.
Freedom to change combinations:
Digital safes combinations can be set / changed as many times as needed, at no cost. Changing a mechanical safe combination, on the other hand, generally requires a certified locksmith. Depending upon the Access Mode can be categorized in two types
1. Biometric
2. RF Card
3. Pin Code
4. Mechanical Key

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